Friday, January 20, 2012

Dynamic Balance = Dynamic Scores

"Dynamic Balance = Dynamic Scores"
By Sean Mysel - "CrossGolfDude"

One of the most overlooked aspects of the golf swing is dynamic balance.  Don't believe me?  Check out this video:

Believe me now?  Good!  Oh and please, next time your ball is this deep in water, please don't be a hero...just take a drop..yes?

In one of our previous "Tips Of The Week" we talked about needing proper balance to improve ball striking.  With this post, we want to take a look at the specifics of what good balance should look like and some cause and effect when it's not correct.  First let's take a look at Jeff Palmer on the balance balls.

This is a quick video, but take a look at Jeff's back knee and leg during the golf swing. both knees are flexed, however on the backswing his back leg is firm and almost straight while the front knee and leg have are more relaxed on the way back.  On the way through, the relationship is reversed.  His back leg will become more flexed and the front leg while still having some knee flex is more firm.

We need to have our legs operate this way so that our body can handle the force of our weight coming back and through the ball. For instance, if the back leg cannot stand firm, we will over load our backside coming back away from the ball.  The result is our body will attempt to compensate causing all sorts of swing flaws. Some of these flaws are a steepening of the swing which causes fat shots, excessive height on our shots and coming over the top by overcompensating through the downswing.  Jeff utilizes the balance pads to focus on maintaining his balance throughout the golf swing.  Balance pads exacerbate any inequities in our body's balancing act and provides instant feedback as to our ability to maintain posture.  Here's what the swing looks like without the pads:

Now it may hurt to look, but notice Jeff's tush line during the swing.  You can see a direct correlation between his position of his back knee and the tush line during the swing.  They will mirror each other in that if the knee is pushed towards the ball or away from the ball, this will affect our balance and thus affect our swing path.  Best way to practice this is with the balance pads taking very slow swings.  Just get the feel of staying on balance coming back and through.  What begins to happen is you will learn how to distribute your weight before swinging the golf club.  Another great tip is to put your back against a wall and practice the swinging motion that way.  What happens you acquire a feel for how your knees should be positioned throughout the swing.

If you don't trust us on how important balance is during the golf swing, just remember our friend who spent the rest of his round drying off and getting verbally abused by his playing partners.