Thursday, January 19, 2012

English Please!! - How To Teach Golf Lessons

"English Please!! - How To Teach Golf Lessons"
By Sean Mysel - "CrossGolfDude"

See if you can decipher what this golf instructor is teaching you:

Got it?  Great now go shoot in the 60s!

One of the problems with golf instruction is a lack of clear communication between golf instructor and student.  Sometimes the communication is either hyper technical which is the case here, or is so vague where the student isn't entirely sure what he or she is supposed to be doing.  Students drive home with a blank look on their face wondering what that lever doohickey thing was or the secret move is.  Let's try to simplify and make the process easier to understand.

The first thing a teacher should do is get to know their student.  What sports they've played, are they more right or left brain oriented, how often they play, do they have injuries, what their skill level and so on.  Some students are highly technical and need to have a lesson explained in mechanical terms.  Others need to be able to imagine what the lesson should look like or need to have something explained in terms of physical sensations.  Whatever the case may be, definitely take the time to know your students, understand their comprehension levels and WE THE TEACHERS need to adapt to the student and not vice versa.

Secondly, when you shell out all this money for lessons, the teacher needs to teach you the things  you want to learn, not what he or she wants to teach you.  They should ask you where you lose shots, what you want to learn and what your goals are.  If you have questions about finding golf instructors, trust me I took a long time as a student searching feel free to comment on this post.