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Five Good Questions w/Stacy Solomon, Golf For Beginners

"Five Good Questions w/Stacy Solomon, Golf For Beginners"
By Sean Mysel - "CrossGolfDude"

Hello all, one of my very great interests in the game of golf is how we as professionals can service a highly underrepresented segment of our market.  That segment is women.  Women are not coming to the game and in many ways are not being helped by golf establishments as a whole.  For instance, in the Bay Area it's rare to find a course that offers organizations, leagues or otherwise for women.  I had the great honor and privilege of conducting a Q&A with Stacy Solomon who authors a terrific blog called Golf For Beginners Link and shared her thoughts on five questions I asked her.  Here are the responses:

1) Thank you so much for offering your thoughts on the game of golf and you have a fantastic blog. Could you tell us a little bit about why you started the blog and what topics in the game of golf interest you?
Thank you for the compliment about my Golf for Beginners Blog. I originally started the Golf for Beginners blog as a way to share my golf lessons.

My first golf instructor, David Czaja, told me to bring a pad and pen with me to my lessons so I would remember what I learned and practice correctly. I decided to start a blog to share what I was learning with other beginners. I was a beginner once too and as I improved I realized that 'we're always learning', and chose that as my tag line!

2) When did you start playing golf?

I learned and practiced on a driving range for two years although occasionally, my husband and I would head over to Saxon Woods or Maple Moor (publinks) and play nine holes of twilight golf, dropping several balls at once for target and sand practice. I thought twilight golf was the perfect way to practice because it didn't take up too much time, it wasn't competitive (learn the basics first) and it was a very romantic way to spend an evening!

3) I wanted to get right into a topic that I find fascinating. Overall the number of rounds played is down, membership to golf courses is down and the participation of women playing golf is down. What could the golf community do to increase the rounds of golf overall and especially with respect to participation by women?

Reach out to women beyond the scope of the sport and bring them in, making golf less intimidating and more fun. Group events are always fun. Find women in other sports that might not have thought golf was "right" for them and show them the benefits, from fresh air and sunshine to the challenge it offers. Give free beginner lessons, have putting contests...ANYONE can be a good putter!
I belong to the Westchester, NY Executive Womens Golf Association which has (more than) a few great ideas to reach out to women including nine and wine, get-togethers and a fun bowling night during the off-season so that women can meet off of the golf course and then, when the time comes, they can feel more comfortable playing with a group that matches their handicap level. The EWGA has mentors and instructors on and off the golf course as well, to bring women into the fold.

4) My wife is left handed and we had a difficult time finding clubs for her, how did you deal with finding the right equipment?

Since I wasn't sure that I would stick with golf, I decided to search the internet for an inexpensive set of knock-off golf clubs with all of the basic attributes that a beginner would use: I figured if I liked the game, I could always upgrade. I think I typed into Google... Ladies, Left-Handed golf clubs and I had no problem finding my first set.

5) As a person who lived in the Northeast for four years, my golf game virtually shut down. How do you stay sharp during cold months?
I regularly swing my  (left-handed) Kallassy's Swing Magic, lift weights and walk on my treadmill several times a week. I used to go to my local outdoor heated driving range but, during the cold winter months I usually just putt on my carpet.

6) Finally, who do you think wins the 2012 World Series? 

The Yankees all the way. I'm a Bronx girl, born and raised. You may be able to take the girl out of the Bronx but you can't take the Bronx out of the girl.

Thank you so much Stacy!  All of you reading this post, I would absolutely encourage you to visit Stacy's site and spend some time learning more about a women's perspective on the game.  Again the link to her website is:

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GolfFan said...

I agree with what Stacy says about how to reach out to women. If more courses had activies or groups for women to join I think women would be more comfortable to play more. I know for me the only time I play is with my husband on the weekend. If my home course had activities/groups for women I would definitely join. This would give me a chance to meet people in the area (I am also new to the area) and play with women at a similar level to me. I know when I go to either practice or play I am usually the only women there. That is really discouraging to see.

Sean Mysel said...


Thank you for checking in with us and leaving your thoughts. It will be our commitment to assist women golfers to grow their game. I think the more people that get involved with the sport, the more excitement, enjoyment and even employment people can look forward to.



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