Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How To Analyze Your Ball Flight

"How To Analyze Your Ball Flight"
By Sean Mysel - "CrossGolfPro"

In golf, there are few absolutes on how to play the game.  There are different swing theories like the Stack & Tilt method, all sorts of different ways to take the club back and so on.  One absolute is the direction of the ball when the club face makes impact with it.  You can get a 100 PGA teaching pros in a room, they could all argue their theories on the best way to hit the ball, but at the end of the day, the golf ball has no concept of swing theories, Stack & Tilt, just ball flight laws.  Here is a chart that shows us our ball flight laws:

As we can see, there's essentially nine different ways the ball can fly.  The key comes down to the path of the club head coming into the ball whether it's towards the target, left or right.  Secondly is the angle of the club face when it makes contact with the ball.  Check out this video of Rory McIlroy:

His path goes slightly to the right of his target with a closed face which imparts a counter clockwise spin on the ball or a draw for righties.  Now take a look at Tiger's swing:

In this instance, Tiger's path was right where he was lined up with an open face causing the ball this time to spin clockwise or fade.  Essentially what causes the ball to have side spin is the face being open or closed combined with the path the ball is struck with.  Next time you're out on the course or on the range, pay careful attention to the ball flight and you can actually make adjustments by recognizing the dynamics behind how the ball traverses.

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