Monday, January 23, 2012

How To Line Up Your Golf Shots Everytime - Alignment

"How To Line Up Your Golf Shots Everytime - Alignment"
By Sean Mysel - "CrossGolfDude"

The tip of the week is something that happens before your swing.  Often times we talk about our misses thinking we're doing something horribly wrong in our golf swings.  Yet, we typically miss a lot of shots before the club even goes back.  Today we're going to give you four easy steps to help you line up.  You won't need to use the force or as Mel Brooks says, use the schwartz.

1.  Pick a specific target.  This doesn't mean the middle of the fairway, the green or anything vague.  It means the flag, a tree, the 150 stake, anything specific that you can train your mind's eye on.  Dr. Bob Rotella said in "Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect" that picking specific targets helps train your mind to focus on the task at hand.

2.  Line up your clubface.  The ball has no idea where it's going until the clubface makes contact.  I like to adjust my body around where my clubface is pointing and take a double check to see if I can establish a relationship between the clubface and my target.

3.  Line up my feet.  In my opinion, and many might argue against me, but I feel that in setting up if your foundation is faulty, the rest of your swing will suffer mightily.  Once you have your clubface lined up, have your feet together, pull your front foot in line with your target and pull the back foot away so that your toes line up facing the same direction as your clubface

4.  Now that we have a target, lined up our clubface and our feet, now we line up our shoulders pointing the same direction as our feet.  If our feet and shoulders do not match directions, it can cause all sorts of bad results like pushes, pulls, fat shots and so on because our body is not square to the target.

When we set up correctly, the odds of us hitting our target improve greatly and we can find our true swing faults.  Here are some videos you can take a look at, notice the feet, clubhead and shoulder alignment.  In these videos the tree on the right in the horizon is the target.

At Target

Left of Target

Right of Target

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