Sunday, January 29, 2012

How To Use Rotation In Chipping

"How To Use Rotation In Chipping"
By Sean Mysel - "CrossGolfDude"

At CrossGolfPros we focus a ton on the use of sports movements in our teaching philosophy in the full swing.  This also works well in your short game.  Chipping can be one of the most frustrating experiences.  Check this out:

Ouch that looked like it hurt.  For many of us, chipping is one of two experiences it's either the thud of the club head slamming into the ground while the ball trickles a few inches or watching it skip across the green running away...far away.  Rotation, balance and focused impact can work wonders on your chipping.  Mike Weir won the 2003 Masters missing almost 50% of the greens but chipped his way to a Green Jacket.  Larry Mize did the same to Greg Norman holing out from over 100 feet with the proper chipping technique.  Here is a sequence of photos we took showing how you can use the rotation of your body to get that beautiful "click" you hear after a solidly struck chip.

Start hands in the hinge position Phil Mickelson talks about.  You will use a more narrow stance with the weight more towards your target side of the body:

As you begin the backswing, just rotate your shoulders back as far as you think the shot requires:

Then when you go to hit the ball, rotate the back shoulder through to your target with a descending stroke:
Our back shoulder is through, the hands are still leading the club head and the ball compresses on the club face, backspins and releases:
In terms of the type of shot to play, this all depends on the lie, distance and slope of your shot.  You can change the trajectory of your shots by moving the ball forward in your stance to increase the height of the ball or lower it by moving it back.  The key is using constant rotation and resisting changing your posture.  There are many ways to chip a golf ball, we feel that using body rotation keeps not only your chipping consistent, but also the rest of your game.

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