Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Real Source of Power In Golf - Leg, Hips & Core

"The Real Source of Power In Golf - Leg, Hips & Core"
By Sean Mysel - "CrossGolfDude"

In becoming a golf instructor, I had to learn how to be a savvy student first.  My wife and I worked with a variety of different instructors all with different beliefs on how to hit a golf ball.  While they all had different ideas, many of them focused on the hands, arms and shoulders in relation to hitting the golf ball.  But what about the legs, the hips and your core (abs and chest)?  Take a look at these videos:

Jack Nicklaus at age 15.  Notice the massive amount of leg drive he has as he thrusts his hips upward and carries his swing through with his core.  The arms and hands simply come along for the ride.

This is Jamie Sadlowski, Long Drive Champion who could drive most of your par 4s.  Jamie isn't some hulking 6'6" 240lb monster, he's 5'10" and 165, but watch the drive he gets from his lower half:

When Nicklaus and Sadlowski drive their legs, thrust their hips and rotate their core, they generate a tremendous amount of power and precision in their golf swings.  Also, these actions are far more easy to control.  Consider that many golfers can generate 90-100 miles per hour of clubhead speed.  What this means is some of the movements that instructors ask you make with your hands and arms must be done in a fraction of a second.  It's far easier to control your lower half to begin the golf swing and will generate the extra yards you have been searching for.  We will expand on this more over the weekend with our "Tip Of The Week"