Thursday, January 26, 2012

Secret of Using Hands In The Golf Swing

"Secret of Using Hands In The Golf Swing"
By Sean Mysel - "CrossGolfDude"

Forgive me readers, but I am going to commit something of heresy when it comes to talking about the golf swing.  We are going to talk about what the hands to in the golf swing.  If you google "hands in the golf swing"  you create 3.63 million hits discussing various topics on how the hands relate in the golf swing.  You may have heard people at the range or instructors talk about it, but check out the videos and decide.

We at CrossGolfPros tell students essentially a couple things about the hands in the golf swing.

1)  Your hands are there to hold the golf club

2)  Keep your grip pressure consistent.  If it's light which is how I hold the club, keep it light.  If it's tight keep it that way

That's it.

Check out this Golf Channel video of Jack Nicklaus:

All the discussion is about the lower body and the massive amount of leg drive Nicklaus could produce.  With the tremendous amount of club head speed he could generate, it would be hard to imagine Nicklaus trying to concentrate on making minute moves with his hands while trying to rotate his hips and trunk.  Not to mention powering his legs through the golf swing. We found the more "handsy" you tend to be with your golf swing, the more disasters you invite in your round.  For instance, you hear instruction about turning your hands over in the golf swing to square up the face.  The problem with this is that most folks nowadays can generate swing speeds up to and over 100 mph.  This means the swing is taking place in a fraction of a second and you're trying to hold on to this thing and turn your hands at the same time.  Look at the great ball strikers in golf history and one thing you notice is what an incredible job they do driving their torso, hips and weight through to their front side.  If anything, the hands almost just need to keep the wrists from casting and digging into the turf on the way down.

 However if you do want to use your hands in the golf swing, it could look something like this.....

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