Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What Maintains the Golf Teacher/Student Relationship

"What Maintains the Golf Teacher/Student Relationship"
By Sean Mysel - "CrossGolfDude"

Remember This?

Probably not the same relationship that will be revealed in Hank Haney's book "The Big Miss."  Here Happy Gilmore and his teacher have this incredible bond where Gilmore kills the alligator that took his teacher's hand and ruined his golf career.  While Haney's book isn't out yet, it seems from Tiger Woods' reaction that it won't be full of positives but profanities.  So what makes a great student/teacher relationship and what should each side expect from one another?

Like many relationships in golf, the student/teacher relationship is at first a business relationship and sometimes can evolve into friendship.  In my life before becoming a golf instructor, I ran a housekeeping unit at a major sport facility in New Jersey.  One thing I learned quickly is that relationships and how you manage them are the difference between being profitable and being in the unemployment line.  Here's what each side should expect from one another:

Student Side:
*Expect that your teacher will ask you questions about your game, sport experience, health history (not getting too deep into the kitchen) and goals
*Expect that your teacher will abide by your wishes and teach you what you want to learn
*Expect that your teacher will adapt to your personality and know what buttons to push and when to push them
*Expect that your teacher will work harder than you to get your game where you want it to be
*Expect that your teacher will create and maintain lines of communication

Teacher Side:
*Expect that your student should communicate concerns with you
*Expect that your student should spend some time practicing
*Expect that your students will all be different and need different types of coaching

Notice the word communicate and communication are in bold.  No matter what the relationship is whether it's family or business, communication is the key to success.  Make sure you and your teacher keep up the lines of communication to work out swing problems or simple misunderstandings.  You'll find the business relationships often times turn into great friendships.

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