Friday, January 27, 2012

Fat Shots In Golf & What You Can Do About Them

"Fat Shots In Golf & What You Can Do About Them"
By Sean Mysel "

Of all the most frustrating shots you can hit in a golf round, I would be willing to bet that it's hitting the ghastly "fat" shot.  This is the shot where you make this beautiful swing, you're going to put a whoopin' on the ball and the turf ends up going further than the ball does.  It's analogous to watching a cat jump out of the ground or a bulldozer scoop up a wide swatch of dirt.  Not to mention it's one of the worst physical feelings to make such a prodigious effort to have such a prodigious failure.  There can be several reasons why this happens:  your set up may have positioned where your shoulders point one way, feet pointed another and you fight against yourself.  Another may be ball position while another could be your spine angle dropping severely into the ball.

While there would be a great number of people who would argue against this idea, I believe the most common reasons for this is the release of the club in the downswing and the weight staying back on the right side.  Releasing the club is where the position you have at the top, shoulders turned, wrists cocked and then as you rotate through the ball you "release" the club by uncocking the wrists into the ball.  Now we at CrossGolfPros don't emphasize usage of the hands and wrists in the golf swing.  It's really something that happens naturally and not something you should think about when swinging the club.

Here's an example of releasing the club too early via yours truly:

Notice at about the :08 mark, the wrists unhinge and I hit just behind the ball.  Now watch how Ben Hogan holds his release until most of his weight is on his left side:

A terrific drill we teach and you can try at the range is to hit golf balls off a baseball tee.  When you do this, take it slow but pay careful attention to rotating through the ball first and holding on to the release as long as you can.  For me, I pretend that I have a cord attached to the butt end of the club and onto my belt buckle trying to pull the club alongside my waist.  The first few attempts will be rough, but as you get used to it, the fat shots are reduced significantly and the ball flight, as was Hogan's becomes lower and piercing.

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