Wednesday, February 22, 2012

5 Things To Not Care About: On The Course

"5 Things To Not Care About:  On The Course"
By Sean & Stef Mysel

One of our favorite websites is called "Marc & Angel Hack Life" which is a site that opines on living life.  They give you plenty of topics to think about so today we wanted to write about how people behave on the golf course, especially when things go awry.  Golf instructors, including myself spend countless hours teaching and studying mechanics and rightly so.  But honestly, most rounds, shots and scores are won or lost in our minds.  So in honor of the works put out by Marc & Angel, here is our 5 Things To Not Care About:  On The Course.

1.  Don't Worry About What Other Players Think - Does it really matter?  Who are you trying to impress?  It's nearly impossible to pretend that you are the only one in your group, but at the same time you are the only one that can hit the ball.  Everyone hits bad shots, even the tour players.

2.  Stop Caring About Who You Play With - So the starter puts you with a couple of beginners?  What if it's a group of women?  Who cares!  You paid good money to play so try to enjoy the people you're with.  Living in a new area, I know only a few people most of whom don't play golf.  I look at playing golf with strangers as an opportunity to make friends and to do business.

3.  Stop Worrying About Bad Shots - You hit one in the water?  Well that's over with and now it's time to hit another shot. One of my favorite examples is a recent tournament Rickie Fowler played.  Fowler was on a par 5, hit his second shot into the water and holed out the next shot for a birdie.  Granted this won't happen often, but it shows  you can let a bad one go.

4.  Forget The Number On Your Card - One of the best ways to score is to forget the score.  I am a numbers guy when it comes to sports.  Some of the stats and numbers are fascinating, but at the same time on the course it's an anchor around my game.  It's better for me and you I would bet to write down the number and put the card away...good or bad.  Focus on making your shot, finishing your round and looking at the card later.

5.  Stop Caring How Good Everyone Else Is - In the teaching profession, one of the unfortunate things I have seen both as a student and teacher is how other teachers, not all, but some seem to think their way is the best.  "Well my way is the only way!"  "Your ideas about the swing are all wrong!"  There's only one absolute in golf...what does the ball do when the club face hits it.  This is true in teaching and in playing.  Worrying about the person's ability next to you is fool's gold.  If they are good, strike up a conversation and see what you can learn.  Other than that, it's best to concentrate on what you do well and find ways to improve the things you don't do well.

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