Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Avoiding Slicing & Dicing

"Avoiding Slicing & Dicing"
By Sean & Stef Mysel

For high handicappers and weekend warrior golfers, the most dreaded shot is by far the slice.  At my range when I provide video analysis, this is the most talked about shot.  In fact, if the devil appeared in front of most golfers, they would sell their souls to rid themselves of a slice.  Remember Coach Fruisen's (http://coachofgolf.com/) ball flight law chart?  Let's revisit that for a moment.

We know the golf ball has no idea where it's going until struck by the club face and the club face's path and face angle will ultimately decide the golf ball's fate.  If we have a path that's straight but with an open club face, well the ball will peel off to our right (for righties).  If the club face is square but cuts across the ball from out to in, that will spin the ball clockwise and to our right.    My experience looking at swings at my facility has shown me that many slices are caused first by set up and second by an over the top swing with an open face.

In this swing, we notice a rolling of the right shoulder into the swing and an extreme cut across the ball.  What we want is to first make sure our set up is at the target lining up our shoulders with our foot line.  A great way to check is to either lay a club down at the target and line up next to it or to lay the club at your feet before swinging to check yourself.  Next, when you take your swing back, try to feel like your upper and lower halves are working separately.  Hold off with your upper half until you have made your trigger move with your knees, legs and hips.    When Phil did this, he did fade the ball, but the shot starts at the target and then fades which is far easier to deal with.

Remember, if you know the ball flight laws, this is a major step to understanding many of the errors caused when hitting the golf ball.  If we know our face is open or our path is cutting across the ball, we can make the adjustments, it's just having the knowledge to fix the problem.

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