Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Case For Club Fitting

"The Case For Club Fitting"
By Sean & Stef Mysel

Before getting to business, HAPPY LEAP DAY!  Although as Jay Leno said, adding another day to February is just god's way of punishing the human race with more Republican Primary coverage, but alas we'll soldier on.

Working at the practice facility I see all sorts of different types of gear.  Some of it high end, PGA Tour priced stuff and literally some things that have been pulled out of the attic.  One thing I get asked quite often is why my driver goes straight up in the air and spins.  Well being that I made this same mistake and had to go through two drivers to fix it, here goes:  YOU NEED TO GET FITTED WHEN BUYING GOLF CLUBS!  OK there I said it.

In the United States, we have an attitude of never blaming anyone but ourselves for the mistakes we make.  The reality is we tend to find blame in just about everything, especially golf but in this case we rarely think about our clubs as being a flaw in our games.  A while back I wrote about my struggles finding the right driver for me, I related this story to a couple golfers at our range who asked me how to flatten their drives out and get some roll.  Both golfers had swing speeds in excess of 100 mph but were using 10.5 degree lofted drivers and both had R-Flex shafts.  Essentially, they were 20 somethings swinging clubs designed for people who have much slower swings and need more carry on their shots.  I had both golfers use my driver which has a 8.5 degree loft and a tour XS shaft.  Both golfers straightened their shots out and hit low, wind piercing bullet-like shots.

Please, please, please.....PLEASE!  If you are thinking about getting a new club or clubs...get fitted.  I am never going to tell you to use one brand over another, it's really personal preference, but go through the steps of getting fitted.