Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finding The Right Driver For Your Swing

"Finding The Right Driver For Your Swing"
By Sean Mysel - "CrossGolfDude"

Have you felt like doing this to your brand new driver?

Recently, I went through several different drivers and just couldn't find the right one.  Currently, I have a bag of all Ping products, G15 Irons, Anser 2 putter, G20 woods, but the driver gave me fits.  My particular problem was hitting the ball way too high.  I took a 10.5 loft and turned it into a 60 degree wedge with backspin.  So how do you find the right driver?  First thing you need to do before you pick up a golf club, look at a price tag and hit some balls you need to do one thing first:  find a teaching professional who can competently fit you for clubs!

Please, please, please I'm begging you go find one of these guys or gals to check out your swing speed, ball flight, your lie and overall physical measurements.  When I had my original G15 driver it was a 10.5 loft and regular flex shaft...problem was I had a 110mph swing speed so when the shaft flexed and the club head came down into the ball, it kicked the ball straight up into the air with major backspin.  Finally, I had a really good friend who played on Tour by the name of JT Kohut suggest I get an 8.5 loft with x-stiff shaft.  The results....the ball flights at the designed loft and has minimal backspin.

So before you drop four bills on a new driver, make sure you find the right one for you.  Whatever brand you like is fine, but the tool needs to match the technician.

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