Thursday, February 9, 2012

Guest Blog - Michael Huh, Owner of

Guest Blog - Michael Huh, Owner of
By Michael Huh

Hey everyone!  As you know we love to invite guest bloggers and folks in the golf industry that have new and interesting products.  Here's a piece by Michael Huh of to talk about his new website: is a new startup social media platform that will change the way golfers share and
connect with each other. GolfAlong was founded by Michael Huh and a team of passionate 
individuals who want to bring the social aspect of golf online. 

When Facebook started out, the whole idea was to bring the college experience online and they
did a marvelous job of that. In doing so, Facebook forever changed social networking. 

The GolfAlong team has equal ambitions. 

For so long, golf has been a very standoffish game. Some may have looked at golf as
exclusive, closed minded and so on. Those of us who play this game, however, 
understand the values this game teaches us. After all, what other sport trusts in the 
honor and integrity of its players to referee themselves?

Golf is, at it's core, about connecting with others who play the game. It is about creating

long lasting relationships and trying your best to master a game that is impossible to 
master. All golfers, no matter how long they have been playing or how skilled they may be, 
are connected by the sheer joy and exhilaration that we feel when we hit a good shot or 
when we drain a huge putt. 

GolfAlong wants to give every golfer a platform to share their accomplishments with others
who understand where they are coming from. GolfAlong's aim is to grow the game of golf 
and really change the culture by making it more open and accessible for everyone. 

Everyone should have an opportunity to be exposed to golf if they want to because golf is a 
great teacher of life lessons. 
So what exactly is GolfAlong? Think Facebook meets Groupon for golfers. That is 
GolfAlong in a nutshell but it's also so much more. The GolfAlong platform will have unique,
innovative features not found anywhere else that all golfers will enjoy and benefit from. is not just another social networking site. Sign up for the beta launch is 
happening now, so go to to join and share GolfAlong with all your golfing
friends. Let's grow this game and connect golfers like never before!