Friday, February 24, 2012

How To Align Your Putts

"How To Align Your Putts"
By Sean & Stef Mysel

Like your full shots, many putts are lost on the green not by speed alone but where and how we aim our shots. Inevitably, we have had days where the ball came off the putter face perfectly only to be off a inch or two here or there.  While there's always a great deal of emphasis on speed, in fact I heard one teacher say the five keys to putting is speed, speed, speed, speed, and line.  Well I would respectfully disagree, if your speed is perfect and the line is off, you still missed.  Here's a way to help you line up the putts:

What we have here is two alignment sticks, the same ones we used in some of our other drills.  First begin by hitting some short putts, no longer than three feet.  If you are right handed, line the first stick up against the left side of the hole, then take the other stick and lay it parallel to the first stick.  What this does is makes you line up your face first towards the hole and use it as an anchor, then line up your feet along the second stick.  Real key step comes next.  Take each ball and line up the logo with the hole, as you take the putter face back, feel like you're releasing the club with your right palm (or left palm for lefties).  Watch how the ball rolls towards the hole.  We want the logo on the ball to roll end over end towards the hole. 

As you get comfortable, test yourself, take one of the sticks away and check your line or your putter face alignment.  Then start backing away from the hole and practice longer putts.  Of course speed matters, but in my humble opinion, I don't think one weighs more than the other, because if one is off, you still get the same result.