Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How To Step On The Gas In Your Swing

"How To Step On The Gas In Your Swing"
By Sean Mysel

Part of the mental game in golf is to avoid cluttering your mind with nagging, distracting thoughts.  In an ideal world we could robotically walk up to the ball and simply make our move through it.  Alas, we are humans, humans have emotions and emotions permeate our daily lives.  One way of combating this is to work with physical sensations or what I like to call trigger mechanisms.  A gentleman at my home course at Roddy Ranch in Antioch and I were talking about sequencing the downswing.  During this time, I had been using a move many famous PGA Tour pros had been using by lifting their front heel and slamming it down to being their descent into the ball.  Here's how it looks on video:

Watch Hogan's front heel.  It ever so slightly lifts off the ground and when he makes his downswing, BAM!  He slams it down, his front knee rotates and the rest is magic.  Check out Jack Nicklaus:

Same thing, here he gets more of his heel off the ground and produces tremendous leg drive through the ball.  Now, one thing to remember when trying this, take it very slow because you need to maintain dynamic balance through the shot.   Like Harvey Penick would say, "take an asprin" or just try it a little bit at a time.  Master this and you have a new tool in your box to time your shots and produce instant weight transfer.