Monday, February 6, 2012

Keys To Timing Your Golf Swing

"Keys To Timing Your Golf Swing"
By Sean Mysel -

Not all golf swings have to be the same to hit the golf ball correctly.  There are different methods to get that small little white object (or whatever color you choose) from point A to point B.   Some like to swing like our friend up here as if he's been at too many Super Bowl parties.  Some like Stack and Tilt and so on.  One thing that isn't discussed all that often is the timing and sequencing of the golf swing.  When we play sports, whether it's baseball, football or any other sport there's an element of timing involved.  Usually we don't even consciously think about just happens.  Golf tends to be different because we're dealing with an object not in motion.

So how can we time everything perfectly to nail the ball right down the middle.  Your body can give you clues.  Let's start with the back swing.

Here's a slow motion swing of world number one player Luke Donald.  Notice on the back swing he stops right when his front shoulder reaches underneath his chin.  At that point, Donald feels a little bit of muscle pull in the shoulder that indicates his back swing is done.  As for the down swing, Donald has a slight pause at the top of his swing and then begins to rotate his lower body which begins the turning of his shoulders which pulls the hands and club through the hitting zone.

The important thing to remember here is in terms of how hard you swing, you want to avoid rushing your back swing or down swing.  When I say rushing, this means taking a hard back swing and forcing the swing downwards too fast.  Hitting the ball long and straight has something to do with club head speed, but also with where you hit the ball on the club face and if you hit the ball cleanly or not.  At the range, practice slow motion swings where you sequence everything out and then gradually speed it up if it works for you.

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