Friday, February 17, 2012

Nine Disturbing Effects of Soda - Emily Mann

"Nine Disturbing Effects of Soda - Emily Mann"
Comments by Sean Mysel

This article from Emily Mann at is shocking and common sense at the same time.  Most people know that soda is horribly bad for your health, but some of the ramifications are jaw dropping.  I am going to admit that I used to drink my fair share of soda, mostly diet but every once in a while I'd cheat and grab a Big Gulp of Cherry Coke.  For some reason, I just dropped it and stuck to water, coffee and juice.  In fact my mixture of choice is water and cranberry juice which I used when I played ice hockey.

What a difference!  I feel radically better almost like I have a second life.  For instance, when I would practice I could down about three large buckets of balls, now I can easily pound out six and play 18 holes.  Playing tennis  I would be shot after three sets, now I can play five with a tiebreak and still have some gas in the tank.  I'm not in terrific shape by any stretch, but I've always had a high energy level.  Check this article out, it's definitely worth a look.