Thursday, February 16, 2012

Send Us Your Swings!

"Send Us Your Swings!"
By Sean Mysel

Hey CrossGolfPros readers!  First thanks for continuously stopping in and checking us out.  We believe in always trying to give the site value and thus, give value to the readers.  A few days ago I picked up some great golf software which I believe does some pretty fantastic things.  So help me help you out!

Send us your swings, just load them up on YouTube, email us the link at and we'll break them down for you.  Just do us a favor, tell us the problem you're having in your swing so we can focus on the problems.  If it's a variety of issues, just let us know and we'll attack them one by one.

No gimmicks, no games, no cost...just good ol' fashioned community service to golfers.