Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Slow Play Chronicles: Episode I With Music!

"The Slow Play Chronicles:  Episode I"
Sean & Stef Mysel

2:30pm Pacific Standard Time - Diablo Hills GC On a hole far, far, far, really far away.......
4th Hole

Hello everyone and welcome to CrossGolfPros first edition of The Slow Play Chronicles.  Slow play is often mentioned as one of the key killers in terms of golf's declining popularity among Americans.  Due to this fact, we have decided to chronicle instances of slow play that can be avoided.  Enjoy!

Just finished making an in-and-out birdie putt on the par 3 third hole when we came up to the twosome in front us.  The second player had just finished his swing and chunked the ball.  In fact it looked like a cat had jumped out of the ground with the amount of turf that was consumed on the swing.  Then the golfer proceeded to lay down another ball and put one on Ygnacio Blvd which runs parallel with the golf course.  As we pulled the cart up to the tee box, they had played four golf balls even though we were pushing them and we had two groups behind us who were playing fast.  On the short par 4 7th hole, the two some placed one ball in a retiree's living room, another played Santa Claus down another person's chimney and the other two were OB.  The hole measured less than 260 yards.

Ultimately this saga turned a 9-hole round on a pitch and putt on steroids into a 3 and a half hour shankfest.  I would like to thank the staff at the course for reminding these golfers that when you have people playing close behind you, just play the first ball you hit and avoid tagging some dude's house with your shots.

The End