Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Slow Play Now Kills Golfers

"Slow Play Now Kills Golfers"
By Sean Mysel

Normally we find the idea of people fighting with each other in golf shoes and ugly polo shirts mildly humorous, however....one such fight left a man in Wisconsin dead in 1996 and now a man in Fort Worth, Texas may never walk again because of tensions on the golf course.  According to USA Today, a three some that followed a foursome complained about slow play and was permitted to play through.  The three some asks to play through, tensions flare and literally a man was stabbed with the broken shaft of a golf club.

Clay Carpenter, the man who was injured in the fight had the broken shaft of the club enter his femoral artery causing massive blood loss and possibly the loss of his leg.  According to Carpenter,

 "I'll never be able to lift my feet up again," Carpenter said. "I've run full marathons, and I'll never be a runner again. I've lost the ability to properly use my leg. I'll have to use a brace on this right leg forever."

Slow play has been talked about ad naseum in all types of golf management circles.  At the course I worked at, it was a constant source of monitoring and the goal was to have people finish in four and a half hours.  Now, fights like this are extremely rare, however, when you have people playing hundreds of dollars in one day to play golf, and they get tired of waiting this can and will happen.  This is a plea on the behalf of golfers to golf course managers, do something about slow play now!  These are the only golf fights we want to see: