Thursday, February 16, 2012

So A Left Handed Woman Enters A Golf Store...

"So A Left Handed Woman Enters A Golf Store..."
By Sean & Stef Mysel

Maybe you haven't heard that joke before, but that's what seems to happen when I take my wife to any given golf store and try to find equipment.  What is the deal?  Let me back up a little and tell you a very brief story on how my wife started playing golf.  To be totally honest, I stopped playing golf about a decade ago.  Completely worn out by the over priced rounds, lack of access to good teaching and friends who lost interest I stopped playing.  We were living in New Jersey when my wife and I wanted to go out and do something.  So I suggested we mess around at this little pitch and putt course, rented some clubs and hit the range.  After knocking some rust off, I was striping the ball and my wife hit one amazing shot and was hooked.

She insistently told me she wanted to learn the game and I was to teach her.  The caveat I told her was I wanted decent clubs.  Club shopping it was!  We went to a major golf retailer and told them that my wife wanted clubs, one catch....she's LEFT HANDED!  What I am going to tell you is no exaggeration.  Our salesperson threw his hands up in the air in his dry New Jersey drawl and stated, "we don't cater to left handed women."  Another young sales clerk offered to help and eventually got my wife into some Callaway X-22s which she still uses and is happy with.  But this isn't the only time we've struggled with this.  Finding gloves, woods, the right ball, you name it, it's been an issue.

So what makes this so difficult?

Two possible reasons:  1) The training that some of the clerks receive is inadequate.  I've been fitted for regular flex shafts when I have a swing speed in excess of 100mph.  2)  Golf just doesn't cater to women the way it can and should and doesn't invest time or money in making sure their staff can work with their needs.

I would be willing to bet that the golf equipment retailer that caters to women first, will capture an amazing amount of market share.  It's a bottom line business no?