Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stop Coming Over The Top In Swing

"Stop Coming Over The Top In Swing"
By Sean & Stef Mysel

One of the biggest problem many high handicappers have with their swings is coming over the top.  This is where the downswing is initiated by our shoulders or casting the club with our hands, the club face shuts and the ball goes to our left for righties and right for lefties.  Before making any adjustments to your swing, try checking your set up and alignment first.  Check out this set up position I have taken:

You can see that my foot line and shoulders are pointed to the right, however, the target which is just to the right of my chin is left of my set up.  If I am to hit the target, my body and swing has to make some sort of compensation and pull the ball to the left.  Conversely, if I take a swing that is compatible with my set up, I am going to miss way to the right or I have to hit a huge draw.  When I hit this shot, I am going at the flag and my right shoulder rolls over the top of the swing and pulls the ball far to the left.  Here's a set up that worked and the ball flew right at the flag:

While you can't see the flag here, my set up is more to the left than the previous picture and the swing can continue towards the target without compensation.  So before making any draconian swing changes, make sure you're lined up correctly.