Monday, February 13, 2012

Top Ten Ways Golf Pros Can Grow Business: #9

"Top Ten Ways Golf Pros Can Grow Business: #9 Be A Guru"
By Sean Mysel

When looking at your golf practice, ask yourself one major question?  What are you good at?  I mean what one part of your teaching arsenal stands about above all others.  For instance, Dave Stockton is the putting guru.  He can teach you how to roll in a putt from the tee box, upside down with one leg.  For that he charges tens of thousands of dollars to tour players for his services.  Hank Haney has his swing plane devices stocked in golf stores across the country. In other words, don't try to be the most popular kid in school who played every sport, lettered in them all only to find out that he wasn't the greatest at any of them.  Instead be the person who could tell you anything you wanted to know about one subject, a guru or Oracle of Delphi.

It's difficult for us to be great at everything.  For instance, McDonald's is known for making quick, not terribly healthy hamburgers within a system.  Imagine now if McDonald's tried to open a Flemming's type steak house? Well they're already known for one thing and now they're trying to be something their not.  How does this translate to marketing and driving revenue?  Simple.  Tailor your marketing and sales pitches to your potential students telling them how your focus is on (fill in the blank).  That you are the guru on whatever it is you do and that by working with you his or her game will reach new heights.

Tell the person why they might lose out on a fun round of golf by sticking with what they have been doing for so long.  Now one thing you must be thinking about reading this is, "ok so what do I do if someone comes up to me and asks me to teach them something I'm not a guru at?"  Great question!  It's perfectly fine to refer them to someone who is a specialist.   Happens all the time in other businesses, but do it intelligently.  Create partnerships with other pros, a quid pro quo with them.  For instance, if Joe is a short game star and you are the full swing guy, tell Joe to send his full swing people to you and vice versa.

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