Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top Ten Ways Golf Pros Can Grow Business: #8

"Top Ten Ways Golf Pros Can Grow Business:  #8:  Difference Makers"
By Sean Mysel

Hello and Happy Valentine's Day out there!  Today we are going to look at the number eight way golf professionals can grow their business.  Remember when you met your wife or girlfriend?  If you were younger a thought must have gone through your head that she fell for you because you were so much better looking and cool than the other guys in school.  Truth is she fell for you for completely different reasons...mainly because you were different, fun, and funny.  Same can be said for why your students come to you.

This is not to say that being good at your practice is not important.  It's crucial!  It would be foolish on my part to tell you otherwise.  But ask yourself a question.  Are you better than a Haney, Harmon, or Foley?  Maybe, but those guys get on TV and we don't.  So what we can be is a difference maker.  Being a difference maker has more to do with being different than your competition as opposed to dressing, acting and teaching the same things.  How can you be a difference maker?  Check it out:

1)  Go after students no one cares to.  Women are huge as well as children.  Most of us tend to stick with the people we're comfortable with, but trust me the more you can expand your comfort zone, the more successful you can be.

2)  If you teach the same thing, teach it differently.  So if one guy teaches a balance drill with no props, can you teach it with say pilates pads or a balance ball?  Visually it looks different but can have as good if not better effectiveness with your student's progress.

3)  Naming clinics and lessons.  Instead of having a golf school...why not call it a boot camp?  Short Game Clinic....Scoring Clinic?  Let's try using action words that excite the imagination instead of the same old, dry, boring names for things.

4)  Rickie Fowler.  No doubt a stunning talent, but everyone seems to notice the vividly bright colors he wears.  Even dressing differently can make a huge difference.  Golf.com has a top 100 teacher that dresses in knickers, no way you forget that!

These are just a few ways you can change your image and perception among your potential students.  Now in honor Valentine's Day, here's a video: