Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top Ten Ways Golf Pros Can Grow Business: #1

"Top Ten Ways Golf Pros Can Grow Business:  #1"
By Sean & Stef Mysel

Here we are, the top of the mountain and you can just about see your business grow.  To conclude our Top Ten Ways Golf Pros Can Grow Business, we are going to look at relationships.  In all the sports related businesses I've worked in, nothing counted more than my relationship with the clients, fans, and organization.  Short of an ESPN type debacle that we saw with Jeremy Lin, maintaining relationships with those around you can increase any business large or small and overcome nearly any mistake.  Relationships typically depend on a mutual trust and respect.  Sometimes this is can be easy or hard to establish depending on the person or people you're dealing with.  So let's audit our relationships that we have now:

1)  So you either teach at a golf course or a practice facility.  What are the interactions like with the management and staff there?  Is it friendly or cold?

2)  How are the interactions with the regulars that come to your property?

3)  How are the interactions with your students?

Understanding how strong these bonds are will help you with the next step which is establishing a relationship with whomever you please.  When I worked as a contractor with the New Jersey Devils, they had a reputation for not trusting anyone or liking anyone for that matter.  If you went out of your way to do something, very few of them would acknowledge it, especially at the upper levels.  Instead of fighting this, what I realized is you can establish a relationship by being seen at your workplace grinding out sales, work, etc and constantly staying positive.  Naturally, people are attracted to people who are happy.  Over time, I got to know the upper management there and still talk to them and have them as Facebook friends to this day.

If the interactions are cold or perhaps you got off to a rough start, be the person who extends the olive branch.  Ask them out for lunch (on you of course!) or a drink.  Anything to get a conversation started.  Sometimes the act of reaching out to people can open up all types of doors for you and get your business supercharged.  Now there are some people that don't want to have anything to do with you.  That's fine, since these are people who are probably not happy in their own lives and won't do much for you anyway.  Just avoid them.

Perhaps the best benefit of this piece of advice is relationships create relationships.  If someone really likes you and thinks you're a great teacher, well guess what?  They will show you around and introduce you to friends.  Voila!  We have just engineered word of mouth marketing which is by far the best type of marketing.

Well that's our Top 10 and I think by implementing these steps slowly and at a pace you're comfortable with.  You will definitely see a jump in business.  It just takes time.