Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Top Ten Ways Pros Can Grow Business: #7

"Top Ten Ways Pros Can Grow Business:  #7"

Sitting in the waters just outside of New York City and New Jersey (where we used to live) stands a magnificent testament to a country that in theory believes everyone has a seat at the proverbial table.  That testament is our Statue of Liberty.  We welcome your tired, hungry, sick and poor to our nation.  Why not do the same for attracting clientele.  Sometimes what you see on the range is teachers who seem to teach the same people.  Usually men of middle age or older, rarely kids and even more rarely women.   Think about this for a minute, you may have a literal sausage party for clientele, but it doesn't have to be that way.

The company that my wife and I started is dedicated to marketing and teaching women and children, mainly because they are the silent majority in golf.  A literal juggernaut of business if you just take the time to reach out them.  This morning I had a running conversation with Sherry Tabb who authors the blog "Ladies On The Tee" and runs Tee 'M Up Enterprises said that women just want to be respected as consumers and felt as if they were invited to play with everyone else.  Makes sense right?  So how do you make it happen?

First, talk to the women in your life, especially the ones who don't play.  Ask them what would make it more inviting and intriguing to play golf.  Take that feed back and wrap it around a marketing mindset that caters to your target.  Hold some free women's golf clinics or boot camps...yes I said free!  Trust me, you give a little you get a lot back and your reputation will build upon it.

Second, tailor your marketing pieces to your target market.  If you're trying to attract women clients, don't put a picture of this guy on it:

Try to make the picture more like this:

Apologies for the shameless plug

Golf in my view is the most perfect of games, yet, it's marketing is so terribly flawed.  Whether you market through us or someone else, go after the tired, sick and hungry golfers yearning to be free of a slice!


Sherry Tabb said...

Great article, Sean. Thanks for tapping my quote as well.

Your idea of 'giving to get' is such a logical approach to building and increasing business. It's a shame most golf facilities don't 'get it' when it comes to attracting a very lucrative market....the women golfers!

Keep up the good work...

PS. I mistakenly posted this comment to your preceding article..oops!

Sean Mysel said...

lol no worries about the mispost. They'll get it, we just have to gently or not so gently shove! ;)