Monday, February 27, 2012

Weight Positioning In The Golf Swing

"Weight Positioning In The Golf Swing"
By Sean & Stef Mysel

When I work the range and watch golfers take their full swings, one of the trends I notice most frequently is the tendency to have a ton of off balance swings.  Most of the time the down swing is made off the back foot.  This would be like our quarterback throwing off his back foot, we tend to get passes that are higher with less velocity as well as less accuracy.  There are some basic drills you can employ to ensure your weight distribution and transfer is more efficient in the swing.  First thing you should do before going to the range and trying this is to have a pair of alignment sticks.  You can buy these at a golf store or even at Home Depot for a few dollars.

Before hitting balls, take the sticks and put them just wider than your stance placing the sticks just behind your feet.

Next, I like to put about 55% of my weight on the front side and 45% on the back side.   Find a ratio that works best for you, but avoid putting a vast majority of your weight on either side.  As I rotate my shoulders back, I attempt to keep my lower half still and thus prevent this type of sliding back:

Notice if we get our weight too far back, our bodies have to compensate to get the extra weight back through the shot and onto our front side.  Here's how we want to be balanced:

From this position we can easily get the weight transfer going forward and through the ball.  The sticks help us develop a feeling of not only proper weight distribution at address, but also dynamic balance going back and through the ball.  If we are going too far back, we will run into the stick, if it's too far forward the same will happen.  Finally, using this drill can help eliminate reverse pivots which produce disastrous results in our golf swing.