Sunday, March 4, 2012

How To Be A Professional Golf Teacher

"How To Be A Professional Golf Teacher"
By Sean & Stef Mysel

Remember this picture?  This picture was from the movie "Casino" and the person in the picture is Joe Pesci who played the notorious gangster Tony Spilotro.  Ultimately, Spilotro got himself in trouble because he seduced Rober DiNiro's wife which greatly displeased his bosses.  Sometimes, the teacher/student relationship can also get interfered with.

While being fairly new in the business of teaching golf, there's one thing I've always understood when it comes to my relationship at my facility with the other  Period. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.  One of the first questions I ask anyone I work with is if they are working with a teacher currently.  If so, I tell them I don't wish to contradict or interfere with their methods.  Yesterday while giving my wife a lesson, another teacher came up to us and began trying to instruct my wife on how to hit the ball properly.

At this time, Stefanie was beginning to launch more of her shots off the ground, her swing plane was improving and we were making nice progress.  Then, this gentleman comes up and tells her she's chicken winging her swing.  Look at the video we had and this was clearly not what was happening.  However, the questions blaring out in my mind were as follows:  Do you even know what we're working on?  Why did you just spend two large buckets of balls and two hours with your student to see no marked improvement?  Did anything or anyone invite you to come over and interrupt us?

The answers were obvious, first this person did not know what we were working on, second his student isn't mine so it's none of my business, finally no one invited you over.  As golf instructors, we may have better or different answers that can get faster results.  Moreover it's OK to share these things, but do it in a private setting and not try to embarrass someone whether intentional or not.  What you tell someone when you approach a teacher and student is, "I know better than you, listen to me."  Even if that's true, it really says, "I'm a jerk, conceited and arrogant."   There are times when I've watched other teachers with students and wanted to say something, but always remembered how it felt when that happened to me.  Remember this if you decide to tread those waters.