Thursday, March 1, 2012

On Plane, On Target

"On Plane, On Target"
By Sean & Stef Mysel

In the coming weeks, Hank Haney will release his new book "The Big Miss" which documents his work with Tiger Woods.  As many know, Haney is the champion of find the correct swing plane in accordance with proper body mechanics to shape a great swing.  I've been experimenting with Haney's beliefs and have myself become enamored and excited when using them.  For today's post, I am going to examine how the plane of our swing, which according to Haney is the object of all the things we do to hit a golf ball and how these relate to our shot making ability.

Here's Richie, he allowed me to capture some of his swings on camera:
In this swing, the line on the bottom is where Richie anchored his club at address, the top line is the plane at which he hit the ball.  Notice how the two planes are almost parallel which is what we want to square the club at impact.  On this shot, the ball flew towards the target with a slight fade at the end.  Here's another swing:

Here, Richie has a similar position at address, however, on the downswing our plane has become steep and this swing resulted in a pull to the left with no hook.  We can use this footage to deduce that Richie pushed his swing up and around forcing his back shoulder to roll through the shot or in other words he came "over the top".  As Haney mentions in his book, we should always work backwards with respect to analyzing our shots in terms of our ball flight.  Look at your swing from ball flight back to your set up position and you can cure a lot of what ails your shots.