Friday, April 20, 2012

About Our E-Book

About Our E-Book
By Sean Mysel

Hello everyone and thank you for reading our blog.  Because of your readership, we have been able to publish a free and exciting new e-book that we believe will help a whole host of golfers.  One of things we've noticed at our facility is that most of you tend to hit that horrible, weak slice that gives you sweats the night before a round of golf.  Hank Haney in many of his books states that 90% of golfers are slicers.  Hard for me to argue!

Within the book, you'll find these awesome tips on how to get rid of that shot:

  • tell-tale signs you will hit a slice
  • how a slice actually occurs
  • ways of fixing the slice
  • why you need a hook
This is only but a sampling of what's inside, get yours now by filling out the form in the sidebar.  There's no charge because here we're all about getting you the best information possible!


Sean Mysel