Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bend It Like Bubba

"Bend It Like Bubba"
By Sean & Stef Mysel

The 2012 Masters was capped off by one of the most unbelievable, amazing shots in modern golf.  You had one Gerry "Bubba" Watson seemingly trapped in the trees hanging out with the Keebler Elf with no chance to reach the green.  Or did he have no chance?  As we know Bubba hit the now famous hook wedge on the green and putted out for the win.  How did he do it?  Let's walk through it:

First take a look at the setup -

Bubba sets up with a closed stance in relation to his target line.  By doing this, he's promoting a swing that comes from a deeper inside to out path where he can snap his release through the ball and shut the face of the club.

Next let's look at impact -

The slow motion on this is a bit blurry, but you can tell from Bubba's left arm that he's rolled it over to close the face.  Combine this with the outward path as you can see from the explosion from the club and he's executed brilliantly a shot with clockwise rotation or a lefty hook.

Finally the finish -

The tell tale sign that you've executed the shot is the finish of your hands.  Bubba has completely rotated his left hand over the top of his right, completely released the club and has a shut face on his follow through.  The rest is obviously history, but the lesson to be learned is clear.  PRACTICE SHAPING SHOTS!