Friday, April 13, 2012

Creating A Spin Cycle In Your Short Game

"Creating A Spin Cycle In Your Short Game"
By Sean & Stef Mysel
Friday the 13th!  4/13/12

Here in No. Cal (Northern California for those of you who aren't familiar) we can count on two things when playing golf:  hard greens and high winds.  When you have high winds the ball of course is affected when it's airborne but it's also affected when it rolls on the green.  How?  Well the ball will be influenced by the wind even while on the ground, but even more importantly, wind will also dry out greens quickly.  So those chips that you tend to hit that roll very much like a putt will roll a bit faster and longer.  What you can do to combat this is to add some more spin on your shots.  The shot I'm referring to is commonly known as a "one hop and stop shot".  As advertised, the ball will take a hop, perhaps two and check up on the green.  This shot will come out low and hot, but still spin and check up.  By having this shot in your arsenal, you can hit aggressive chip shots and save some strokes.

Here's how you play it:

1)  Take your normal chipping stance, use something lofted like a lob or sand wedge.

2)  Play the ball back in your stance around your back heel

3)  Take the club back steeply or more upright.  What we're trying to accomplish on this shot is to pinch the ball between the club face and turf, this will add some additional spin to the shot.

4)  Keep your lower half quiet as you come into impact, the key is on your follow through fight the temptation to make a full release and follow through.  By keeping the hands low, the ball will stay low but still retain the same spin.

Now here's the disclaimer with this shot.  It's not hard to execute once you practice it a few times, but use this shot in high winds, when your closer to the hole but can't putt or if you have greens that are very fast and don't feel confident in using longer clubs to chip.  When you have softer greens I would still recommend using the good ol' fashioned chip shot with a longer club.

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