Friday, April 20, 2012

Why You Slice

"Why You Slice"
By Stef & Sean Mysel

Do any of you remember the arcade game Mortal Kombat?  You know the one where two characters would fight one another and the loser usually lost his head or limbs or both?  When the character was down and out the screen would turn dark, scary ominous music would play and well you know the rest.  In golf, there are self inflicted "fatalities" we can have in our swing flaws.  Oh there's tons of them and we'll be doing an expose on them throughout the week.  So let's examine a Mortal Kombat of sorts with this swing we filmed last week.

As I have discussed (more than a few million times) is one of the most common swing flaws I've seen is the steep over-the-top move most people have.  This is where the club comes back flat and become upright going into the downswing.  What this does is make the swing plane exceedingly steep and we produce either a fat shot or in many cases a high, weak slice.  So you want to see a golf swing fatality?  Let's do it!

Here is a back swing that if stopped at this point, is right on track to hit a crisp, clean shot:

Unfortunately, we go from this plane here, to the one below:

This move is caused by a sense of heaviness with the golfer forcing him to bring the club more upright, rolling the back shoulder over and around to the ball and opening the club face nice and wide.  Our end result?  FATALITY!  The ball flies to the right and spins even further right. 

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