Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Golf Lessons With PGA Pro Article Review

"#1 Problem Students Have Finding Help"
By Sean & Stef Mysel

Here is an article I'd like you all to check out from Chris Czaja, PGA who wrote this piece for  In the article Chris makes some compelling points about how working with a PGA pro can work wonders for your short game.  Especially putting, but the problem is this article is very, very vague.

Here's the problem as I see it...

Not every PGA or teaching professional is going to be the greatest at everything.  Jim McLean demands that every teacher can hit every shot and while McLean is someone I look up to and would love to meet, guess what....

Not every pro can hit every shot like a pro...

What do I mean?  Let me make fun of myself a little bit!

One of the shots I completely suck at is bunker shots.  I can get the ball out of the beach, but I don't put the ball three feet or less near the hole every time.  Essentially, I can tell you how it works, but there is inevitably going to be someone who can simply do it better.  Here is the problem with finding golf lessons for most students.

Most of them aren't really sure what they need help with.....why?

They never get asked.

One thing you should do before hiring a teacher is sit down with them and talk about your game.  Most people love talking about their golf game especially the bad parts.  Ideally, the teacher should be upfront and tell you what his or her strong points are and things they struggle with.  It's hard to be great at everything, but we can be competent at most.  

Here are some great questions you can ask a pro you may want to hire:

1)  What's your teaching philosophy?

2)  What parts of the game are you best at?

3)  What type of students do you normally teach?

Ask lots and lots of questions and force them to give you coherent answers.

What do you think?  Hollar at us!

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