Thursday, April 26, 2012

Improve Your Golf Handicap

"Improve Your Golf Handicap"
By Sean & Stef Mysel

You read this headline and think right away, "A-Ha I'm always lookin' for ways to drop my handicap."  Well sorry to disappoint but this golf tip has nothing to do with swing planes, grips, stances, or anything physical.

This is all mental baby!

What I'm talking about is the little devil that sits not on your shoulder but in your golf cart holding whatever the cheapest beer was in the clubhouse.  This is what I call "Super Amateur."  If you need a mental image, check out Golf Digest's "18 Most Annoying Golf Partners."  In fact, please check it out because his is the first picture that comes up.

Super Amateur knows everything about the golf swing and is a legend in his own mind.  What do I mean?

Well despite having a 25 handicap, SA (for short) will tell you how to fix his slice and then proceed to slice a shot right into grandma's tomato garden.  Then he tells you how to get it out of the bunker while he's dug a hole deep enough for one of those old Cold War fallout shelters.

In short, he's the person that gets you so pissed, you want to choke him until his eyeballs pop out.
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But no more!

If you are struggling with your golf game and do not want to get lessons, do this:

1) Go to or to your book store and pick up a copy of one his books or Hank Haney's books.  That will get you to visualize how you can make adjustments in your game.

2) Seriously on this one, get a twitter account or jump on it and send a tweet to Hank Haney.  Give the man credit he actually answers a lot of golf instruction related questions.

3)  Please, please, please, more...please stop listening to people who don't know how to play the game.  All you will do is hurt your own game and stop having fun in the process.

To improve your handicap and to learn the fundamentals of golf, you need to remove the handicap of bad advice.  Ask yourself a question, would you take self help advice from someone who's perpetually miserable?  Would you take investing advice from Bernie Madoff?  So why take golf advice from someone who can't play?

Learning how to play golf should be a fun experience where you learn to experiment and find out what works best for you.

For instance, I had an eight year old boy come to me with his grandfather for one of our free kids' clinics.  I just let the young lad hit and hit and hit some more.  All we did is just make slight adjustments and give him things to play around with.  He went home happy as did his grandfather and away we go.

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