Monday, April 9, 2012

Shot Shaping For Dummies

"Shot Shaping For Dummies"
By Sean & Stef Mysel

Yesterday golfers and non-golfers alike witnessed what could possibly be one of the better finishes to a major championship ever.  As the tournament moved on, Bubba kept inventing new and exotic shots to bail himself out of all types of trouble.  The final dagger was this hook wedge pictured above that he carved around trees and onto the putting surface to stun and amaze everyone.  As a golf professional, it's vindicating to watch someone not try and hit perfectly straight shots up and down the course but learn to manage the curvature most golf shots have.

Ben Hogan said the hardest shot to hit is the straight one.  At my range and ranges across the country amateurs spend a great deal of time working on hitting the perfectly crisp straight ball.  Why not rebel against "conventional" wisdom and practice hitting a variety of shots.  When you hit a cut shot, why not learn to work with it.  Why not learn to hook the ball so you can correct your slice?  Just some thoughts for the next trip you make to the range.