Monday, April 30, 2012

What Causes My Golf Ball To Slice?

Operation Kill My Slice
"What Cause My Golf Ball To Slice?"
By Sean Mysel

Hello everyone and thank you so much for checking out the first part of "Operation: Kill My Slice."  Today what we're going to discuss is how we go about diagnosing the causes of a sliced shot.  Just for a quick review, a slice refers to a shot that for right handed players has a clockwise or left to right spin on it.  How many people does this shot affect?  Well let's take a look:

*In 2006, surveyed golfers who told them that 70% of their bad shots were slices
*Renowned golf teacher Hank Haney has been quoted as saying that it actually affects 90% of amateur, high handicap golfers

Haney and Jim McLean would also probably tell you that most tour pros have had issues with hitting a bad hook, but my guess is that at some point in their lives, we've all had problems with this shot.

In essence, it's almost the bubonic plague for golfers, fortunately there are cures!

So let's dive into the causes of the slice shot and how we can begin finding a cure.

Working our way backwards from ball flight to impact and then to our swing, a slice is caused by an open club face at impact.

What's the disease look like?  Keep reading and you'll see what it looks like.

Here's a great look from

You can clearly see in the slice portion of the video the club face is open as the club head pulls to the left.

So how do we diagnose this problem?

We can create a check list of items that could cause the club face to open and cause a slice:

Check List -

*grip?  Is your grip on the club too weak or where your hands may be in a position on the grip putting uneven pressure on the club itself

*grip tension?  If you were to rate the amount of tension you have on the club from 1 to 10, would it be on the higher end of the scale?  If so this will keep the club from rotating through the shot

* set up?  Are you set up with a stance that is open with your shoulders pointed to the left of the target?  If so you may be swinging more upright and into your body causing the arms to not rotate over.

* top of swing?  Is your club face pointing at the sky at the top? If so you would have to rotate the club much faster to square it up at impact.

* swing plane?  Are you swinging on the club's proper plane which is parallel and above the line at address?  If you are coming in too upright, the arms will not rotate over leaving the club face open.

*lateral sliding?  When you shift your weight forward, are you sliding your hips and body towards the target which pushes the club face open?

These are some factors either by themselves or in combinations that could cause the face of the club to stay open and spin the ball to the right (or left for lefties).

So how do we fix these problems, we'll give you one piece of advice in this post because during the course of upcoming few days, we'll actually isolate each one of these problems individually and in greater detail.

But don't stop reading, here's the first step you can take to rid yourself of this shot!

Set up a check list for yourself at the range.  You can probably easily figure out if you are squeezing the club way to hard or if your set up is a bit faulty.  It happens to everyone and we all have bad shots that need to be addressed.

Our suggestion would be to tackle each one of these individually and not at the same time.  By doing so, you are more likely to isolate the root cause of your slice shot.

What is your symptom?  E-mail us we answer every email!

In our next issue, we'll talk about the grip and tension on the club, in the mean time feel free to check out our FREE daily golf updates!