Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Do Golf Lessons Cost?

"What Do Golf Lessons Cost?"
By Sean & Stef Mysel

Are Golf Lessons Really Worth It?

Probably a question that always comes up.  Essentially people get golf lessons because of two main reasons:

1)  They just got started and don't know how to actually begin

2)  They are completely frustrated with their game and need help.

But when determining the "value" or what you get out of a lesson, that's harder to put a price tag on...

For instance, when you buy a car or new clothes, you go to the lot or store, the item has a price tag and you pick the one you want or can afford.

With golf lessons, it's the same as well, you pick the one you want and pay the man/woman their fee.

Ahh, but it's not quite the same!  Why is that?  Because for the most part, unless you see a Hank Haney or Jim McLean, you may not know what you're getting.

Let me ask you this....what does a $125/hour golf lesson feel like?  What would you expect for that type of fee.  Check out this list from GolfDigest - Top 50 Teachers.  Butch Harmon charges $1,000/hr but most of his clients are Tour Pros and corporate entities, not your rank and file weekend golfers.  Below I did a quick bit of research in my immediate area and here are some of the rates:

Lesson Rates:  San Francisco East Bay - Private Lessons

Delta View GC - $50/45 mins - $50/30 mins, $75/hour + $30 for book - $50/30 mins, $90/hour - $45/? (not specifically given) - $20/hour, $55/3 lessons

To quote Bill Maher in Religulous, "Boy do I feel cheap!"

So again....what's a lesson worth to you?  Give us your comments, we'd love to know?