Sunday, April 22, 2012

Why Amateurs Fail At Pitch Shots

"Why Amateurs Fail At Pitch Shots"
By Sean Mysel

As we all know the short game can make or break our rounds.  There have been rounds where I literally have hit 75% or more greens and not shot at or under par.  Why does this happen?  Often times it's just a failure to capitalize on great wood and iron play.  This can be especially true from 60 yards out and in.

Imagine this for a have a short par 4 that measures 320 yards long.  You step up with you Bubba Driver or Rocketballz (can't get over that name, sorry)  and blast a drive that ends up 40 yards short of the green.  Ok, no problem, let's flip a wedge up there except you chunk the shot or send it skidding into the bunker behind the green.  Now the only thing you've flipped is a middle finger at the course.

Well let's try to change our approach shall we?

Try this set-up:
* Use your lob wedge (54-62* wedge)
* Put the ball back in your stance
* Open up your stance and keep your weight slightly forward
* Swing the club back low in a "U" shape
* Swing the club back through on your shoulder line

What happens here is you use the bounce of the club to slide the leading edge underneath the ball much like a sand shot.  Here are the effects:

*a higher, softer shot
*little extra spin
*you avoid blading the ball or hitting off the hosel
*tougher to hit it fat and dig the leading edge into the ground
*you can swing harder since the ball will go higher in the air

Go try that next time at the range.  By the way...I haven't even talked about my favorite pitch shot...but you have to wait for that one!

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