Friday, April 20, 2012

"Why Don't Other Teachers Teach That?"

"Why Don't Other Teachers Teach That?"
By Sean & Stef Mysel

Today was my golf lesson with the Mighty Hercules, no seriously that is his name and he's one of the most pleasant and fun students I have.  We're in the process of teaching Herc as I like to call him a draw.  He's left handed and wants to increase his hand action through the shot.  As I explain the process of hitting a draw to him, he hits this gorgeous eight yard draw that pulled right over the middle of the range.  Herc turns to me, huge smile and asks, "why don't other teachers teach that?"  Wow!  Great question.

After finishing our video review, I turned to Gary, who owns the driving range and asked him the same question.  Gary rolled his eyes some, pondered the question and said he didn't know why.  Of all the golf lessons I've had until very recently, it's mainly been a hodge podge of different lessons.  My feeling was the instructor wanted to teach what he wanted to and never asked me what I wanted to learn.

Coming from a customer service background and then into a service based industry within the sport arena, I learned to listen to customers and see what it was they wanted.  Part, no my whole teaching style is based on giving the student what they want.  If they want to shape shots, we do that.  Want another 10 yards on your driver, let's figure out a way to make that happen.  How do you find out what your student wants...well ask?  Here's some questions I roll through when learning about a student:

  • What do you want to do with your game, or specifically where do you want to improve?
  • Where do you miss your shots on your full swing?
  • How do you see your swing?  Is it fast, slow, or somewhere in between?
  • What disappoints you in your game?
  • How can I get you more excited about playing golf?
Students and golfers in general love talking about their games.  Well shoot, people love talking about themselves period, which is helpful for us.  As teachers, don't be afraid to show your student something new.  Sometimes I want to show them a ton of stuff and make myself back off, but they appreciate it all the same.