Monday, May 7, 2012

Golf Shot Making & Fear

"Golf Shot Making & Fear"
By Sean Mysel

What scares you the most on the golf course?  

Is it that buried lie in the bunker?  What about that ball resting in front of the giant oak tree?  Oh I know a lot of people get scared of that par-3 carry over the water, do you?

Recently, I did a Google Search with the search terms, "biggest fears, high handicap golfers."  The number one thing that came up was bunker shots.  In fact, this search took you a few pages before you actually found something other than a bunker shot as your greatest fear.  

But I wanted to indulge in a different approach at tacking your greatest fears in terms of playing certain golf shots.  The problem is that many golfers never actually practice to play many different types of shots.  Our good buddy Adam Sprackling of actually wrote a great piece about this very topic.

In it he asks many questions I believe most of us either deal with now or have dealt with at some point in our golfing lives.  So here's the question for you, what do you truly fear and what do we do about it?  Think about this for a moment.

One of the major problems with golf instruction, at least in my experience as a student is the lack of imagination and shot making skills that are taught.  The Sport Journal from the United States Sports Academy sums it up this way, "was found that male amateur golfers must possess a variety of shot-making skills to be successful and that relative to driving ability, putting skills and reaching greens in regulation contribute more to explaining tournament success."

In other words, it's not sufficient to beat golf balls, you need to play shots.  Go to the range and hit fades, hooks, low and high shots.  If you have a bunker at your practice facility bury a few golf balls in there or if you don't go play and throw one or two in the bunker quick if you can.  

Fear comes in golf with a lack of confidence and knowledge on how to handle a situation.  It's not unlike situations in our life like financial problems where we don't have the answer and begin to emote rather than think.  

In the coming weeks, we will be putting together a comprehensive e-book that you will all love.  It's going to cover shot making for high to mid handicappers and how you can play shots that you watch the pros play on Sundays.  Keep your eye out for it!

So seriously...what scares you out on the golf course?