Monday, May 21, 2012

Golf Swing 101: Eight Steps To Hit The Ball

New golfers!  Instantly improve your skills on the golf course by following these eight easy steps to complete a full swing.  These steps will give you specific details on how to hit explosive golf shots.

Step 1 – Set Up Position (Click For More Help)
Begin by finding your target, whether it’s the flag stick or land mark, be as specific as possible in choosing a target.  Set the club down with the face pointing at the target. Set your feet at least shoulder width apart, the feet will be wider with longer clubs.  Check to make sure that your knees, shoulders, hips and eye line are parallel.

Step 2 – Ball Placement
Each club will require a different placement for the golf ball.  For drivers, place the ball just off the heel of your front foot.  As the clubs get shorter, put the ball farther back in your stance towards your zipper. 

Step 3 – Taking The Club Back
To take the club back, begin by rotating the shoulders, arms and hands straight back  from the ball simultaneously.  Imagine swinging all three around a clock from 12 to 3 on the dial. You want to maintain the slight extension in your arms away from your body.  To check your progress, check to see if the toe of the club is pointing skyward as you get half way back on your swing.

Step 4 – Top of Backswing
We can stop the backswing when your front shoulder rests under the chin.  The shoulders will have made an approximate turn of around 90 degrees, the hips 45 degrees, your left arm will be extended across your chest with the wrists hinged.  Longer clubs will be angled at a flatter angle where shorter clubs will have a more upright angle.

Step 5 – Initiating the Downswing
To initiate the downswing, start with “bumping” or shifting your weight forward.  It will feel like you’re the arms and hands are dropping to your side.  The force created by the weight shifting forward will force the hands and arms to swing down towards the ball.

Step 6 – Impact Position
During impact the body rotates into the ball while the arms swing downward, your left wrist needs to be flat and the right wrist bent backwards.  This prevents the club from “flipping” or getting out in front of your hands and hooking the golf ball.  Remember to always accelerate through your shot.  As you explode into the golf ball, your right arm will gradually rotate over your left arm.  This will force the club face to “square” up to the ball or point at your target line.

Step 7 – Club Release
Once your ball has left the club face the wrists will unhinge. Your right arm will have completely rotated over the left arm.  The club face will once again be pointing skyward.  Both arms will begin to swing out in front of our body.

Step 8 – Finishing The Swing
As your arms swing around the front of our body, the club will wrap around your back.  Your upper body will be pointed to the left of your target.  The belt buckle will be pointed directly at the target.  The key part of the finish is to maintain your balance through the entire swing.

Here’s the swing in full speed: