Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How Would You Brand Your Golf Game?

"How Would You Brand Your Golf Game?"
By Sean Mysel

Seriously?  Have you every asked yourself that question before?

It's really something to think about, for instance Bubba Watson could be branded as powerful yet creative.  Tiger Woods would probably be mechanical.  I always felt Rory McIlroy was Super Smooth, we could argue the semantics, but one thing is for sure, everyone has their own style.

I would classify my style as daring, I'm always trying to create different shots for different situations.  In teaching, I go about it the same way with my students, I try to unleash their cunning and wit on the golf course.  Our buddy Sean Saunders at would tell you your lesson is improvement by design.  Certainly doesn't mean I'm a better golfer than anyone in particular, just means that I try to find different ways to attack a problem.

So what is your style or brand?  We would love to know....leave us some comments below! Chicklet_logo