Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Putting Fork

You remember this guy?

Well you don't have to have flashbacks of these types of moments on the putting green!  With the new Putting Fork, putting is made easy and more fun than bombing a 300 yard drive.  Don't believe me!  Check this out from our good buddies at Putting Fork!

Putting Fork Give Away

You can win a Putting Fork at the Golf-Gab Forums! Enter here to Win.
You’re probably asking yourself, exactly what is a Putting Fork and what does it do. The Putting Fork is very simple Putting Training Aid that is intelligently designed to do several things. Clearly no one would design a Putting Aid that didn’t drop strokes off you round, and of course the Putting Fork does just that, but how?

The Putting Fork, with its innovative design and advanced engineering techniques, trains the user to produce a putting stroke that maximizes ball control and precision. In layman’s terms it makes you putt straight, or rather you teach yourself to putt straight. 

By consistently utilizing the Putting Fork in your practice you will learn superior putter face control providing you with increased putter stability. The Putting Fork’s instant and accurate feedback allows the user to rapidly evaluate the putter face and stroke allowing you to make the proper adjustments to increase accuracy, control and performance. 

The “Alignment T” incorporated into the Putting Forks design allows the golfer to create proper putter alignment, helps maintain the putter’s natural balance and allows the golfer to maintain the putters Moment of Inertia. The shape of the Putting Fork was designed to allow the golfer to narrow their focus to generate a controlled and stable putter face as it strikes the ball.

·         Putt Straighter
·         Drop Strokes
·         Increase your makeable putts range
·         Make all your short putts
·         Make more long putts

Using the Putting Fork is simple. Just pick your target, align the Putting Fork, anchor the unit to the green with standard Tee’s and select the difficulty in one of the four levels. Then simply make your stroke and adjust your natural putting stroke to clear the putting gap with your selected difficulty level.

Simply go to the link above to sign up and enjoy a great forum as well.
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