Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why We Struggle With How To Play Golf's Difficult Shots

Why We Struggle With How To Play Golf's Difficult Shots

Could you imagine how it must feel like to hit a shot like the one Phil Mickelson hit below?

Even better question, what was he thinking before drawing that Callaway iron back for a huge money shot?  Probably nothing, honestly his mind was free of clutter and he just hit the damn ball.

Here's another question...what would you be thinking?

We are thinking more about the trouble surrounding the green rather than hitting the stupid freaking little white ball. How do we get over trouble shots like this?  Fortunately and unfortunately it's all between our ears, but here's some ways to approach shots like number 17 at TPC Sawgrass:

*Know your weaponry, or more specifically how far you hit each club

*For Pete's sake just pick your shot and try to hit it

*Go brain dead, seriously just accept the fate of your shot regardless of what happens

Billie Jean King once said that pressure is a privilege and honestly she's right.  If you had the opportunity to play a hole like this, it's one of those rare occurrences where you can tell your friends (or mates for our UK friends) that you stared the monster down.  Make life easy on yourself, there's nothing on the line but a piece of equipment and I don't mean you club you threw in the lake.

Just remember it's just one swing out of many!

What you need to picture is the ball seeking the flag stick, the gentle bounce and back spin the ball makes when it hits the putting surface.  Of course, the sound of you talking a crazy amount of trash to your friends when they've sent their ball to the depths of the lake.  If you miss, you're not the first, but if you hit it which you can and have a story for a lifetime.