Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Golf Teachers Don't Use Video At Your Own Risk

If you are a golf teacher and you're reading this, let me help you out...

Not filming your students?  Your business will suffer....badly!

One of the greatest inventions of human history was the motion picture.  People flocked from all around to check out pictures that could move and eventually make sound.  

So why is it golf instruction still sees a high percentage of teachers not using videos?

It's call laziness...and you will pay for your laziness...

For starters, what better teaching tool could you have then allowing your students to see themselves swing a golf club?   You're able to point out the great moves they make and how they can improve.  The student gains an awareness of their swing flaws and now can get to work on them at the range. 

Not only that, but now they're far more motivated.  They want to see those swings get better and the work they've put into it.....ON CAMERA!

Want Google rankings?

I got first and second page rankings in two weeks thanks to a great SEO Firm and using HD Video.  Google is moving towards quality content for search rankings and guess what?

If you don't use video...you won't be found...period!

Teachers...I want to help you, but you must make the investment of time and effort..if not you will be like a dinosaur!