About You The Student

Don't Be Disturbed By Our Rates....

One of the recommendations we make to prospective clients is that you start with a series of sessions.  The goal is to use the lessons to focus your game on making shots and lowering scores.  Instead of packing everything into one sessions, we want to build on top of each session we have.  Each time growing your game so you can focus on actually playing the game instead of remembering everything you were taught in one hour.

The number one goal we have is to develop a fun filled relationship where your game reaches your level of satisfaction.  But more importantly, we want to make your playing partners really, really hate you after you give them a beat down on the course.

Here's what we charge:

Single, One Hour Session - $40

Three Pack, One Hour Each - $115

Women/Children that sign up for lessons get a discount...

Why do we do this?  Well because we can!

Ask yourself a question, when there's a whole segment of the golfing population that's under served, does charging $100/hour or more sound like they're growing game?

Here's a little bio about Sean Mysel
Lives in Walnut Creek, CA
Married to Stefanie Mysel
BA, University of Oklahoma
MS, Columbia University (New York, NY)
Career -
Spent initial years working in various golf facilities before managing million dollar business units in major sports facilities including state universities (Rutgers University), minor league baseball stadiums and the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.  
Spent a lot of time around coaches and friends with coaches from the minor league ranks of baseball to college football.  Completely enjoys working with beginning and intermediate golfers to help them spread the fun of playing golf.
Favorite music band is The Clash followed by Alice In Chains.
Favorite sports team is the University of Oklahoma Football Team Boomer Sooner!
Favorite TV Show - The Borgias, Rachel Maddow Show
Hobbies/Interests - European History - Medieval, Renaissance
Last book read - The Artists, The Philosopher, & The Warrior

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